Would you rather go to red robin or johnny rockets?



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for a birthday party dinner. for a 17 year old boy.

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    William 2017-06-02

    It depends on the area in which you live, Is there a place that is not a chain restaurant? Look at a local establishment that fits within your budget. If there is nothing local than by all means take the young lady to a nice casual restaurant such as Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Ruby Tuesday's, Charlie Brown's (steak) or Longhorn Roadhouse (steak). Any of these are perfectly good choices. Is this a first date??? If not ask the young lady where she would like to go.Big Al's House of Ribs.

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    Grace 2017-06-24

    It would have answered better if you have had mentioned the place where you live . but i will still recommend you the restaurant in Chicago "Ginos-East-Restaurants". This is the place where we use to go for birthday parties . For more details you can check: http://www.majon.com/local/eating-places/illinois/chicago/ginos-east-restaurants

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    Lucy 2017-05-16

    2801-n-lincoln-ave Hope you ll like it :)Good question. I would go Red Lobster, Olive Garden, and maybe Red Robin.

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    Jacob 2017-06-23

    yes, they do!! Just go to the restroom room, chop up a big fat line of coke and do some with the waiter. If something goes bad with your boyfriendyou can always go party the rest of the night with the waiterhaha yes

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    Eli 2017-05-13

    go 2 a restaurantif it was me, it would be: great pizza. not cheap pizza. but one with lotsa cheese. chocolate cake or cupcake.

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    Mia 2017-06-07

    kool aid or some kind of sprite drink with food coloringno sorry ... But maybe you could make like green jelo ...HOPE I HELPED

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    Abigail 2017-07-11

    If its a house party you can make it a glow in the dark theme. Might sound dumb but its SOOOO MUUUCH FUUUN!!!Chocolate fountain. :) You can rent them. You can pair it up with a fondue-type party and maybe a smoothie bar.

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    Ethan 2017-06-28

    salad: http://voices.yahoo.com/cranberry-festiv... main course: http://voices.yahoo.com/yummy-pesto-shri... hope this helps!