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WHY MUST THEY PROMOTE SHARING TIPS WITH SERVERS,BUSSERS,BARBACKS, AND FOOD RUNNERS. Must we supplement thier income?? Is this why we have lousy service when we go..?? Waitress feels no need to be effecient???

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    Zoe 2017-06-20

    are you sure that's how it works? I worked at a restaurant for two years, I made 4 dollars an hour plus tips. if combining those two amounts on average per hour didn't equal out to be what i would make on minimum wage, they added onto my 4 an hour to make my paycheck larger so i would be at minimum wage for those hours.Because it's the polite thing to do? Show some manners or make your own dinner!

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    Levi 2017-06-22

    I owned a restaurant for many years and I was the Chef. I would never expect to be tipped by the employees.....ever. As a matter of fact , the owner/Chef would not have a business if it were not for the wait staff. They should be tipping you!!!! It IS easier said than done but if you all complained at once , they might change that " tip the owners rule", of theirs. Even if the food is gourmet quality, customers will not come back if the waitstaff is no good. People come in for the smiling faces and kind wait people, more than the food. Listen-up owners, If you treat your employees like crap you will lose your business.Some states do not pay even a minimum wage for servers so their tip is a crucial part of their pay. Google something like "how much does a waitress earn" and you can get an idea if servers in your area are getting what you are paid, If it looks like you are getting less, maybe it is time to switch jobs. I know that that is easier said than done, but you should start looking while you are still working. I have known employees that are willing to accept things like your situation because their bosses are especially flexible when it come to being late, asking for days off, sickness, etc. What about other benefits such as vacation an sick leave? Consider everything before you throw in the towel!

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    Sebastian 2017-07-14

    don't the customers leave your tip at the table when they leave ? how is he getting the tips? I don't understand ? he steals tips ? When I leave a tip I expect my server to take it and probably tip out appropriately to coworkers.. I live on my tips, if the owner did that I would quit. I live in Seattle, I love Indian food. I will avoid all Bellevue Indian restaurants on the Eastside. I never want to give this jerk my business. You boss sucks and should not be stealing from his employees !Dude, you need to contact the wage and hour board for washington state it may also be called the bureau of labor and industries. Those administration are responsible for ensuring employees get paid exactly what they are due. this is not a baffle you should take on yourself you need to contact the state authority and have them do it. They will gladly nforce wage and hour laws this is what they do for a living think of them as the payroll cops.

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    Gabriel 2017-06-07

    For some reason, most waitresses think its an obligation fro us, customer, to tip. TIPS = To Insure Proper Service... That said. if the service is horrible, I dont tip at all... if the waitress is bad, I tip 10%....if the waitress is ok, I tip 15%... is she does an amazing job, is polite and helpful, I tip 20%. I just hate those girls who roll their eyes when I ask for an extra slice of lemon... If you think you are "too good to be a waitress", just get another kind of job.OMFG NEVER EVER work for IHOP It is the worst company on the freaking planet! Their Fing Aholes. Go ANYWHERE else for a job. NOT IHOP >.< And you make crap if you are lucky 40 buck a night ( i currently work at coco's it is awesome I make at least 50 buck a night after tip out rarely less mostly 60-80) and if you work mornings at IHOP about 60-80 for weekdays and like 90-120 for weekends. But management sucks support sucks IHOP sucks. I don't work mornings at Coco's so don't know what they make. Oh and I hate being a server but seeing how I need to get through college I can't be too picky atm. You work short hours make good money always have to be fast, polite, friendly and efficient. If you are funny that is good. I'm kinda shy so not so hot on getting them to truly enjoy themselves. But if you can make them laugh and stuff you are set. They'll even overlook mistakes then.

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    Grayson 2017-05-09

    Thank God it doesn't happen often, and it's BS that people like Crazy Horse have to make up for the ignorant idiots.I always tip, but can't always leave cash on the table. Mainly, I put it on the "tip line". I guess I'm one of the few who make up for the jerks who don't tip. I've tipped as much as 50% of the bill, but normally, it's 25%.