Yummy and Fun Virgin Drinks?



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My friend and I are both pregnant this new year's eve. While everyone else toasts to midnight with wine or the like, we would like to toast with something fun also.If any of you have any recipes for fun virgin cocktails, the help would be very appreciated. And for the one person whom I know will have some...

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    Isaac 2017-07-04

    pina colada without rum and long island!!cranberry juice and 7 up or lemonade iced tea and cranberry juice

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    Logan 2017-05-14

    Some of the best cocktails i have ever tasted at http://www.tgifridays.co.uk/Drinks-Menu?...try google... seriously i have found good ones. like the PB&J one, apple pie, just look them up on there!!

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    Aiden 2017-05-21

    These were popular during prohibition. Mint Cooler - Crush one or two sprigs of mint with 1 or 2 teaspoonfuls sugar in the bottom of a glass, add ice, decorate with a lemon peel and fill the glass with ginger ale. Lone Tree Cooler - Juice of 1 lemon and 1/2 orange and 1oz grenadine. Fill with soda water.Pina colada, coconut, strawberry daiquiri...just do the real drink without alcohol.

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    Ellie 2017-06-11

    If you want a desert kind put wipe cream on the juice and maybe an orange if you want and if you want just a drink put ice and an olive on a stick and congratulations on the baby!

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    Eli 2017-06-22

    a virgin margarita has no alcohol in it...other drinks with no alcohol are also virgin...? yes i've heard of that......... but i don't think it's any good. i prefer my margheritta's.... flavoured < strawberry or raspberry> AND with triple the tequilla. *sighs* ah yummy.

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    Olivia 2017-05-23

    "Virgin" is the term for ANY mixed drink that contains no alcohol. Virgin Mary, Virgin Scewdriver, Virgin Daiqeries... the list is nearly endless.You can make any drink virgin by not adding liqour. Margaritas, Daquiris, etc. It just turns the drink into fruit juice, that's all.

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    Michael 2017-05-27

    This was my favorite when I was a kid. Used to make it at Christmas and it became a family Christmas drink: Pink Lady Punch 2 qts. cranberry juice 1 qt. pineapple juice 2 c. sugar 1 qt. ginger ale Mix first 3 ingredients and then slowly add ginger ale right before serving.Nojito.. Mojito just without the rum and bitters. Fantastic cocktail with or without alcohol and an all time classic. you cant go wrong.

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    Aiden 2017-07-14

    Charlies: OJ and 7up (normally made with vodka) Sunrise: OJ and grenadine (normally add vodka) Apple Pie: 1/2 gal Apple Cider 1/2 gal Apple Juice 1 1/2 c. sugar 3 or 4 Cinnamon sticks - Bring all ingredients to a boil and let boil until the flavor is gone from Cinnamon sticks. This one is DELICIOUS and really tastes like Apple Pie!! It's normally made with ever-clear.Pina collada's ! What I do for virgin ones is just buy the mix in the store, put it in the blender, add ice and a little bit of fresh coconut, then you could serve it with umbrella straws, mmm :)

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    Sophia 2017-07-10

    Why not ask your friend if she has restrictions for alcohol and IF you can get her something special. the health risk is not as serious as everyone implies. You really have to abuse the stuff.A virgin martini is an oxymoron. You could use fruit juice, maybe?

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    Logan 2017-06-18

    First of all you must understand what a real martini is. A martini contains no fruit. All those supposed variations called "whatever martini" are related to a martini as much as a lemon is related to a car. A martini is nothing more than dry vermouth and gin with and olive (optional) and olive juice (optional). So since dry vermouth and gin are both alcohol, you will be left with the olive and the olive juice. Not to tasty as drink in my opinion. Try some other drinks that include sodas and/ or juices and remove the alcohol. Good luck and have fun.i just did a search for virgin martini's.. all i came up with was this get out martinin glass, place olive in glass... enjoy