balsam pear sliced chicken



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" bitter gourd is a goal of the share, but many people don 't like bitter. this point as long as the cooking when some sugar would be resolved, but also to better tasting bitter yo! "

balsam pear sliced chicken
ingredients bitter gourd 300g chicken breast meat 200g.

accessories 10 grams of salt edible oil prickly ash 30 grams 20 grams 2 grams 5 grams of starch onion cooking wine 8 ml sugar 10 grams


practice of balsam pear sliced chicken

balsam pear cut in half, using a spoon to scrape内瓤, cut into small pieces after accession salt cured for 10 minutes

marinated bitter after again with clean water to some salt to taste

sliced chicken breast meat, cloth, salt, water starch

grab a uniform static cured for a moment

heat oil in wok, put pepper and onion chopped stir incense

join the bitter gourd pieces and stir fry until a moment becomes transparent blue

pour in the chicken

quick fry evenly

cook until chicken discoloration, joining the sugar stir evenly on it

out of the pot, a plate

cooking techniques

if you want to practice had not bitter gourd:
1, 'll内瓤of certain people shave balsam pear;
2, put the balsam pear cut too thin some, then salted at
3, fried to fast when ripe, seasoned with moderate amounts of sugar;
4, when in marinated bitter, it is necessary to wash out some salt to taste, or it would have been scrambled out of bitter gourd will be very salty.

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