coconut milk pudding



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coconut milk pudding

coconut milk pudding approach


two eggs, 250 grams of fresh milk, bread


whisk the eggs and 1, 2, and pour 250 grams of fresh milk mix the right amount of sugar, take the 150 grams of toast, hard to peel after cut square ding, from big chestful of immersion in the egg mixture.

around 2, and take it out of the water into a paste of bread into the wrapped up in a big bowl of lard, filled to half bowl, ply hummus, and then cover the bread paste, stamped from condensation resisting steamed broccoli with garlic sauce, covered for in large bowl. if using oven baked and made by inflation, finished the superior flavor taste.

3, and the other with coconut milk 250g add a little sugar to the boil, stirring after slightly thickened leaching in the pudding serve.

culinary specialties:

is a confectionery, creamy, soft and glutinous.

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