onion fried beef



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" the latest expensive meat dish expensive, according to some in the supermarket beef slices, half a sheet of willful wool grandpa, didn 't live it up.. to eat a lot of beef slices, can shabu, fry, grill, convenient and delicious. "

onion fried beef
ingredients half beef 80 grams of onion.

accessories plant oil half salt spoon 3g 1 spoon and cooking wine in a lightly steamed fish soy sauce


onion fried beef of practices

thawing beef slices, onion cut into strips. onion choose purple or white are available. white skin is relatively easy and cooked some, also won 't be so hot. but feel purple more nutritious?

hot pot of hot oil, under the small fire fry onions.

cook until onions hair soft. onion after super soft and sweet taste, can solve膻气of beef.

under the beef slices, cooking wine, salt, soy sauce and stir fry. beef slices can be boiled water in advance, you can also directly fried, because the machine is cutting into slices, so it 's very easy to perfection.

scoop beef color can be, do not stir too long fleshy on the old. because kids can 't eat spicy, so she didn 't put a black pepper, we add a little bit of front of the pan more fragrant.

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