used 8 kinds of " eating out " aids



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used 8 kinds of " eating out " aids

1, in the absence of timely and complementary: in a critical period of baby food supplement, not suitable for the baby exercise, make baby developmental lags behind the ability to chew, taste of the children of the same age.

ways to address them: from infant four months, starting with the increase of ages, based on from less to more, by a multiple and varied, from soft to hard, by the principle of fine to coarse, and gradually add food supplement.

2, too many snacks: the baby is added during the weaning food, found his love to eat food, buy back is in a constant process of hereafter. too many snacks before dinner, dinner and naturally can 't eat anymore.

ways to address them: parents must understand the knowledge of the infant and young child nutrition, but also let the children know how to good though drink coke, but president of fat; juice it tastes good, but would impede the appetite, but also easy to cause tooth decay.

3, play the rest of the night: some parents to see children do not love to eat, had taken a story, to make the game tells us to play in the way. counterproductive, pay attention to not only the further fragmentation of the meals of the wild force, but also prone to choked with food and other accidents.

ways to address them: may wish to try to encourage law: when children do not eat well to ignore him, but when he pick up a spoon eat good food when, quickly told me he was very fond of him at dinner.

4, a large variety of foods too monotonous: some mother is worried about the baby digestion and absorption of the bad, always give him to eat so several kinds of eat " food security ", so the child had antipathy.

ways to address them: food way of cooking also not static, should try to mix a variety of food, taste with light for the lord. even if there is only one egg, also can use them to make scrambled eggs, egg soup, egg drop soup, ten million don 't always let your baby eat boiled eggs.

5, dislike certain types of food color: many small friend don 't like black food, for example: sesame paste, such as seaweed. for a number of novel new, taste is not the same with the usual diet food, also may not love eat.

ways to address them: parents can be used in such a way as to attract children, for example: design condition aroma and taste and unique shape in meals, that are commingled in a kids favorite foods, or acceptable reason for children to lead.

6, impact of eating habits by their parents: parents try not to early childhood criticism before food, even if their own don 't like, and they should also give their children to eat.

ways to address them: usually around around two years old children start learning behavior characters; some poor eating and the formation of dining etiquette, is probably not consciously learned in.

7, that there had ever been an enjoyable experience: if stomach aches after prior to eat certain foods or uncomfortable, or were forced to eat is not pleasant environment of. this would then make the kids to this food produce resist psychological, very to tolerate it.

ways to address them: parents should try to avoid the rebuke at table kids, in order not to undermine the mealtime mood. also don 't forced their children to eat very hot food, will damage delicate baby of the oral mucosa. and it is often eaten hot food, as well as a carcinogenic effect. more don 't take kids staying alone in there to eat. even if you can 't stay around, would you like to let the child have a " partner ", can give he 's a doll or animal toys cartoon play this role.

8, parents are too care: some of these kids know the parents really care whether they feed, thus on the use of these parents to control, and put forward many conditions, such as: what you 're buying me, i 'm gonna eat.

ways to address them: eat, once they have become " chips ", also will not disappear, and still less can it be resolved once and for all a. in fact parents for children eating poorly or don 't eat the anxiety, mainly because of fear of child malnutrition thin, taller than the other children. but as a matter of fact, all born with a height and weight of each person, as long as child health, and don 't cop first.

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