vegetarian wrap



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vegetarian wrap

vegetarian wrap

· with material:

wet bean 1 catty
powdered 1
mushrooms about 12 flowers
fungus 2 duo
red radish article 1/2 bu
flammulina velutipes 4 two
red hot chili peppers 1 article

seasoning: salt 1 tsp
a dash of monosodium glutamate
white pepper powder 1 tsp
dip sauce: broth (mushrooms water) 1 cup
sesame oil 1 big spoon
soy sauce 1 big spoon
1 big spoonful of sugar
a dash of salt

· operation as follows:

(1) all of material other than shredded bean, from the pan, will material put into fire incense, incense and for seasoning, you can and dish up.

(2) will be contaminated with juice and mix thoroughly, bedew bean bag and put it out, each row 3 zhang kaiping booth, carpeted with sauteed in a good stuffing, will get in on the bean skin, outside wrapped with gauze, and then put into the steam recovery last name would stop to 0 minutes after, put the cold can be sliced food.

also can put a dash of oil pan, fried vegetarian rolls into the golden color.

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